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After half a decade of rigorous work with a dedicated and energetic team, numerous renowned clients, and blessings from all of you, we - 9 Wings Studios - are expanding and stretching out our massive wings to open up a bigger, larger, and better space for all of your needs.

“Big 9” is the manifested vision of Kunal and Shlok - The Hassanandani Brothers, who understood what it means to have a spacious studio, especially when your imagination knows no bounds.

Big gets bigger with a whooping area expansion of 6800 sq.ft. Big 9 has upgraded all the aspects that make up an ideal and luxurious studio. Now the makeup rooms, which of course have attached restrooms and are celebrity friendly, have a balcony for all the “fresh air” one needs.

Similarly, to facilitate your vision, we have added wider multi-faceted walls (12 ft & 14 ft) with doors that would open up and take you somewhere else - preferably just out of the frame and not in some magical land.

We have opened up with more such upgrades just behind Kokilaben Hospital, in the heart of Andheri West. All of these, with a budget that will make your producers proud of you for finding the “Baap of all studios”.

So come and take a look around. You’ll see how we from 9 wings, stand true to our motto - “We Give Space” which is something a committed visionary such as you would need to make your visions come true.

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Luxurious MakeUp Rooms

In Big 9, we've incorporated three luxurious and lavish makeup rooms, each accompanied by its own restroom. What sets this upgrade apart are the connected balconies. Recognizing the importance of moments of peace for actors during shoots, we've got you covered – or rather, opened up – allowing all actors to bask in the embrace of fresh air.

Customisable sets

You want it, you name it, you'll get it. Yes, we have pre-built sets designed for your needs. But since your imagination is limitless, we are aware that you'd like to design the sets according to your vision. Our space is a canvas for you to paint, quite literally, we'd say. With walls of varying sizes (max width 14ft), doors, and windows designed to add a realistic touch, we've left no stone unturned when it comes to being flexible in adapting to your vision.

High end Props

With IKEA's versatile state of the art furnishings and modular designs, we take pride in our authentic and adaptable properties. These thoughtfully chosen props enhance realism, enabling seamless scene transitions and assisting creativity in content creation. So fellow production designers, you can take a chill pill. Sourcing ka kharcha bacha rahe hain, aur kya chahiye?


Our pantry is a culinary haven, thoughtfully stocked with top-notch appliances. An oven, refrigerator, and induction stove take center stage, offering endless possibilities for cooking segments and possibly food-focused content as the well-equipped pantry sets the stage for engaging, realistic scenes that resonate with audiences and elevate our studios versatility.


Do you want to know why we are every DOPs choice? Here’s why. Lighting takes the spotlight in our studio, offering a spectrum of premium options to illuminate your vision. Choose from an array of high-end lights including Broncolor (additional cost), Aperture, and GoDEX. These lighting choices cater to the unique preferences of photographers, videographers, and producers, ensuring each project shines with the perfect ambiance and visual flair. Best thing is for your convenience, you can use the balcony to keep the extra lighting equipment.


Our commitment to convenience shines through with our expanded vehicle parking facility. Elevating from 2-3 car parking spots, our studio now accommodates up to 10 four-wheelers comfortably. Moreover, we ve allocated dedicated space for vanity and generator parking, streamlining operations and ensuring a seamless experience for everyone on set. Your comfort and efficiency remain our top priorities.

On-floor assistance

At our studio, your vision comes to life effortlessly with our on-floor assistance. Our team of seasoned professional technicians is on hand to bring your setups to fruition seamlessly. With their expertise and dedication, every aspect of your production is strictly managed, ensuring a smooth and successful creative journey from start to finish.


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